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My Body Type

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Managing Expectations

I've battled with weight for as long as I can remember, and petite and delicate have never been terms that described me - other than when I stood next to Shaq. In fact, having shed over 100 pounds multiple times and maintaining my ideal weight for several years each time prior to COVID, I was invited to donate my body to science (ok not really donate, I did get paid to be poked and prodded) and be studied in a weightloss research investigation. The study revealed something interesting – my genetic makeup makes me genuinely big-boned. I possess 10% more bone mass and higher bone density and muscle density compared to the average person. So, even at my slimmest, I've been described as 'amazonian,' 'big girl,' 'plus size,' and 'bbw.' According to my doctor, considering these unique factors, my healthy weight shouldn't drop below 175 pounds. Going below this leaves me looking emaciated and resembling a walking skeleton.

Even Pictures have Relative Bias.

Labels like 'rich,' 'poor,' 'expensive,' 'cheap,' 'tall,' 'short,' 'skinny,' 'heavy,' 'bbw,' 'curvy,' and 'a-few-extra-pounds' are all relative terms, their meanings shaped by individual experiences. Even images of a person can be deceiving based on who/what is next to them, as many actors can attest. Meeting Shaq, for example, I expected him to be tall, but I was taken aback by his sheer 'massiveness.' Tom Cruise, on the other hand, I knew was shorter than his claim of 5'10 (standing at 5'6), but I didn't anticipate being able to wrap my arms around him multiple times.

This kind of ambiguity is why I prefer 'Rubenesque' to 'BBW' or 'Amazonian' to 'Athletic.' 'Rubenesque' and 'Amazonian' offer more concrete visual references as definitions, whereas 'BBW' and 'Athletic' can mean different things to different people.

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Recent Weightloss

Amid the COVID lockdowns, I experienced a significant weight gain (even for me), which prompted action. Since June 2023, I've been receiving weight loss shots and maintaining a regular gym routine - when my appointment schedule allows it. The results have been steady and substantial, with a remarkable 50-pound loss by 09/28/2023, and approximatly 15 pounds more since then! Making the grand total 65 lbs so far (with another 60lbs or so to go).

My gallery pictures were taken on 09/28/2023 and feature several full-body shots (while still maintaining anonymity by not showing my face). As my ads and gallery page indicate, if you dare risk being turned into stone by looking at my visage, simply send a recent face picture of yourself, and I'll respond with more than one recent face and upper body picture of my own. You'll have to supply your own shield or mirror to view them in the reflection.