Glassware on a wodden Tray

  • NO PHONE CALLS • Please refrain from calling to schedule an appointment. I don't have a receptionist or secretary handling my phone, so texts or emails are the more efficient means of communication.

  • WHEN TO BOOK • Advanced booking is highly appreciated and recommended. While same-day bookings may be possible for evening appointments, please note that morning or afternoon appointments will need to be booked at least the day prior.

  • AVOID DOING THIS • Let's skip the generic "How R U" and "Hey" intros all together, please. Your initial message should be more engaging and informative. I, unlike most, screen you based on your communication style. Gotta put that M.A. in Psych to use somehow. :-)

  • WHAT TO SAY • On that note, the most time consuming part of my day is answering questions, screening, and booking appointments. When you reach out for the first time, preferably through text or email, it is easier to answer you if you include the day, time, length & location of the appointment you are seeking. In addition, your first name, age, height, interests, etc. will help streamline the booking process and help me remember you. Please be discreet and do not use explicit words or withheld numbers.

  • PLAN YOUR TIME • When scheduling, please book the full amount of time you desire, as I may not be able to accommodate "we'll see how it goes" time frames. If you wish to extend our time together, feel free to ask if I have additional availability, and if so, provide an additional donation for the extended time.

  • MONEY • The donation for our arrangement should be in an envelope with my name on it and left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival or yours. Never make me ask for it.

  • FLAT RATES • The donations are flat all-inclusive rates for my time and companionship only and are not negotiable. Before asking if I offer any 'specials' or 'discounts,' remember I do not double or triple your rate based on content upon your or my arrival, but I will double the rate if I feel pushed or browbeaten for any reason.

  • SCARF MONEY • While gratuities are never expected, if you'd like to surprise me with a gift, you can find inspiration from my Wish List.

  • ONLINE PORTALS • In some cases, appointments may require upfront credit card payments. If this applies to you, I'll provide you with PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App information for a secure payment process without sharing your card details.

  • FACE PICTURES • The images on this site are recent. To view face pictures of me, as my ads state, please send a recent face image of yours and I will respond in kind.

  • ADDITIONAL PICTURES • Custom or additional pictures, beyond the initial set provided in response to your face picture, will only be provided upon receipt of a one-hour rate via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. Please note that there's a limit of three additional pictures per one-hour rate, and none of them will contain nudity. Requests for additional pictures, outside of these conditions, will not be entertained.

  • MY BODY • If you are unfamiliar with the terms Rubenesque or Buxom, I recommend reviewing the Body Type page before booking.

  • NO CLOTHING REQUESTS • Given my weight-loss journey, I don't offer clothing choice options - be it under or outerwear. Never have, and doubt I ever will. Any reviews that claim otherwise are fake. I dress for my body type and surroundings. Be that black tie, business, casual, or home.

  • CHATTING • For extended phone or text conversations, the hourly rate applies, and payment must clear via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App before we begin the conversation and booked in advance.

  • NOPE • Please avoid asking "what's on the menu" or explicit questions about specific services. Graphic language is not tolerated. If the information you seek isn't on my Personal Likes page or on this site I may be unable to provide an answer. If you are looking to have a graphic conversation read my CHATTING criteria above.

  • REVIEWS • To check out my reviews please visit